Nolvia PerezLicensed Medical Aesthetician

    My name is Nolvia Perez and I have been an Aesthetician at Magnolia Medical Spa since 2014. I pursued my dream of becoming a Specialist in full service skin care at the age of 16. I began my journey as a Clinical Aesthetician at Christine Valmy School of New York in 1981, graduating at the age of 18. As years went by I became eager of becoming a Professional in skin care department and achieved getting my Certificate as a full “ Medical Aesthetician” at Nelly De Vuyst of France in 2008 having Dr. Obagi himself training me. Once I accomplished my goal my ambition only grew bigger and I extended my services and wanted to study every type of laser by getting my certificate in Seattle at “Advances Laser Training” in 2011.

    I’ve always been intrigued in learning what’s new in the world so I continued educating myself and going to yearly training in Las Vegas at “International Skin Care Show”. I’ve assisted many Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeon, and Family Medicine Doctors/OBG during my professional career. I have been serving the Greenville Community for the past 30 years, during my time here i’ve worked with local doctors such as Dr. Trem (Dermatologist), Dr. Johnson (OBG), Dr. Coleman (OBG), and now I have the amazing opportunity to work long side Dr. Ky (DO) & Dr. Chan (MD, MBA, PAC) at Magnolia Medical Aesthetics.

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